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Currently, due to streaming, illegal downloading, Lovefilm, DVD stores and Digital TV, it has never been easier to find any movie to watch. The problem is that with infinite choice, it has never been harder to decide, what movie should i watch? Despite the fact we have 1000′s of films to pick from through a number of media, we still can decide, “what movie should i watch?” That’s why i created this site; to make it a little easier to pick what film we should watch depending on our moods. For example, if we want to watch a movie that can make a grown man cry, a revenge movie, a B movie, a movie that’s so bad…it’s actually good or a movie you should watch when you’re extremely hung over. We have it all here and I’ve watched everything listed, most more than once. If you try one movie on my list and like it, I can guarantee you’ll like all, if not most of the rest.

Why we watch film is because of its power to evoke emotion and how much more powerful is it when we’re truly in the mood for that emotion to be evoke.

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