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Prison Movies Top 10

1. Oz I know it’s not a film but get f&cked! This may be the greatest TV show of all of time. …

Kung Fu Top 10

Are you a kung-fu fan? There have been great kung-fu movies over the decades, many starring Jet Li, Bruce Lee, and Jackie …

What Movie Should I Watch

What movie should I watch? A question we’ve been asking ourselves from the birth of the video recorder. I, for you got tired of sitting there thinking for 20 minutes, “what movie should I watch”. I started to make list of Top 10 movies you should watch; from top 10 “ Coming of Age Movies”, top 10 Yakuza Movies, top 10 Zombie Movies, Stoner Movies, Sexy Movies, Film You Should Watch With Your Girlfriend …. You get the idea. Finally I got off my ass and set up a website, learned how to optimise my site for search engines and created a sh*t load of film lists. The site works simply like this; look through the site, find a category that interest you, click it. Finally scroll through the list and watch the trailer. Boom, done, you know, "what movie should i watch"! No need to thank me, I do it simply for the satisfaction of knowing, you know, what movie should I watch, has been answered! Enjoy, I hope to have over 150 categories on my what movie should i watch site by the end of 2012. All suggestions are welcome. So no matter how difficult it might seem to answer one of the most difficult of questions, "what film should i watch?" I'm here to help! Please also feel free to submit your own top 10. All suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Also get involved in the social media channel and Twitter account. Both should help you with figuring out what film should i watch, so best of luck.what film should i watch