Wilderness Movies

1. Aguirre The Wrath of God

This has to be one of greatest Wilderness Movies of all time, if not the best wildeness movie ever made. It has to be no.1 on every list or else, it’s a list not worth the stream of my p^ss! We judge men by their accomplishments and for that, Werner Herzog is a truly great man.


2. Deliverance

This is a movie you really never watch more than twice. You also remember only a few scenes after watching it, the bango player and the pig like rape scene. One of those wilderness movies you should watch with your attractive cousin…. not sure why, but it just feels right.


3. The Edge

I love this movie, I’ve seen it like 15 times. “They died saving my life”… What a guy! If I’d to be stuck in one of my “top 10 wilderness movies” on this list… it would be this one or “Into the Wild” (just eat the loser in the movie, I’d enjoy it.)


4. Little Dieter Needs to Fly

When he tells us about why he wanted to be a pilot, we can image it and we feel like crying, cause it’s amazing. That’s why Herzog is the best, even with visuals on the screen, he makes our minds wanders.


5. Predator

Some might ask “Can it really be put on a wilderness movies list?” Yes, is the answer…… done! I love Predator and if you are a man, you do too. It is one of the most re-watch-able movies I have ever seen.


6. Last of the Mohicans

Great movie to watch with your girlfriend, that’s why it is on “movies to watch with your girlfriend” (and one of the greatest wilderness movies)…. that gives me an idea! I’m going to create a “top 10 movies to watch with your girlfriend”. [I already did… I’m chatting to a previously created post…. confusing right?] I’ll start that list tomorrow!


7. Alive

Not so good to watch with your girlfriend, don’t think this will make that list! A great movie that has been referred to constantly since it came out. Next time you watch it, note how they are very small to be the Argentinian rugby team. One of the greatest Wilderness movies and maybe it deserves to be higher up the list.


8. Grizzly Man

“Herzog again!” you say! Yes, Yes… cause he’s the best! This movie is brilliant, not Herzog’s best, as a lot of the footage isn’t his. Most of the film was shot by the nerdy guy in it.


9. Rambo First Blood

When he goes into the woods, don’t follow him! Why couldn’t you leave the war veteran alone? I bet you after this movie came out, no one ever touched a war veteran… for a while anyway.


10. Into the Wild

Not really a fan! He’s too annoying… e.g “I hate society”, “Why do we need to consume so much?, “Why do I like boys?”” Real men have balls and they drive fuel burning American cars!


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