With Your Girlfriend

1. The Bodyguard

This is the ultimate movie to watch with your girlfriend. It has the right amount of action and emotional b&llshit for both parties to really enjoy it. The soundtrack, without sounding like a gimp, is excellent…. It got an Oscar. Whitney is a good actress, the movie has a great pace, there is even time for making out without missing anything important! Its got everything. Also, watch out for the scene where Kevin Costner drinks orange juice and watches her sing in his room. That’s creepy dude… seriously? You’re in the most famous singer in the worlds house and you turn her song up really, really loud. From her point of view, it looks like your wanking over her.

2. RoadHouse

This is a great movie to watch with your girlfriend. It has load of action, a great soundtrack and it’s one of the all time greatest sexy movies (despite not making the sexy movies top 10).

3. The Last of the Mohicans

It’s got a great love story, a tragic ending (women like that… I hear) and an attractive man… I think he is anyway. This movie is epic! There is loads of different environments, waterfalls, the woods, the mountains, the tribes, the battle fields and the forts, to name but a few or its many delights.

4. The Princess Bride

Do I need to explain why this movies is on here? Didn’t think so…

5. Heathers

If a girl doesn’t like this movie, she’s not right for you. Quentin Tarantino once said “When I’m getting serious about a girl, I show her Rio Bravo and she better like it.”  Rio Bravo is asking a lot. Also Quentin, beggars can’t be choosers! No woman in her right mind would have sex with you with the lights on. The deep dark depts of Mordor are too bright for a love making session with you, you f#cking troll!


6. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

I don’t need to explain why this is a great movie to watch with your girlfriend, if I did, you wouldn’t have a girlfriend and will more than likely be dying alone anyway.

7. Amelie

It’s French, it’s beautiful and it’s as happy as a pig in sh!t!

8. UP

The start with the old people growing old together….? Truly great cinema.

9. Super 8

Super 8…. You mean Super Date!  

10. Legend of The Fall

I only have this movie up cause my brother loves it and he’s a bit camp. So maybe it’s good to watch with your girlfriend or alternatively, give it to your camp brother. [Editor’s note: I am the brother refered to and it’s a great film, f#ck all of you begruding homophobes!]

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