Best Sports Movies

Rocky Top 10 Sports Movies of All Time. What Movie Should I Watch

1. Raging Bull

Not only is this the Best Sports Movie but it would always make my top 20 greatest movies of all time. If you haven’t seen it, you are either blind, in a coma, or a young girl. Either way, get off my website!


2. Chariots of Fire

A little slow moving but it was always going to be quit high on our Top 10 Best Sports Movies list. The music, obviously, is amazing and goes perfectly with the movie.


3. Rocky

Everyone love Rocky, if you don’t, get the f*ck off my site a$$hole! What a brilliant character Rocky is! He has no real intelligence, he works as a debt collector and he’s in love with a simple woman, who works as a humble pet store clerk. Can he be any more of an underdog? He’s like Rudy but we like him and he’s not an ambitious nerd.


4. Cool Runnings

One of the all time best sports movies. The ending is great, even his father gets on board with the silly t-shirt! F%ck Switzerland, all they have is pen knives and triangular chocolate! Show some Respect for our weed smoking, crack dealing, Jamaican cousins!


5. Rollerball

Deserves to be on our list of best sports movies ever, even if it is set in a dystopia in a far off distant future and involves a hither-to unknown or played game. It’s still a sport movie…. right? Maybe this shouldn’t be on this list but if you’ve seen it, then you’ll respect my decision.


6. Field of Dreams

“If you build it they will come”. This movie is strangely, really re-watchable and yes, it is a sports movie before you ask, the sixth best sport movies to be precise.


7. Tin Cup

I know that it’s not for everyone but I personally love this movie. It’s a great movie to watch with your female friends or girlfriend. Although, if you’re on my site too often, it’s highly unlikely that you have any female friends, let alone a girlfriend.


8. The Fighter

What a great start to this movie; the scene when they’re walking down the street together joking with their neighbours is sensational. This is the best sports movies to come out in the last decade… no debates, no argument… acceptance.


9. Friday Night Lights

Depressing, but then that’s life, especially in buck-tooth, gun totin’, sister bangin’, Texas. A darker, much, much better version of Varsity Blues. One of the best sports movies to do with american football (so basically better than Any Given Sunday, Rudy and Varsity Blues).


10. Rudy

“Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!”



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