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The Sting - What Movie Should I Watch

1. The Sting

Great acting, great script, great movie! I like that we are totally unaware of what the real con is, until the very end. And yes, I am awarre that that’s the gist of every con artist movie, pretty much, ever made.

2. Thomas Crown Affair

I don’t care what you say, this is better than the original. The original has this “Catch me if you can” boll€cks going on… not a fan. Anyway, this movie is great. I love the start when the guy near the elevator says, “This guy thinks he owns the building!” and the guard replies, “He does own the building”. The ending is out of this world. When he know she is going to trick him and he’s f$cking ready, why? Cause he’s a f%cking genius! Thomas, we tip our bowler hats to you, for making a better movie than the original; which, by the way, is bloody hard (I never use the word bloody, I must be living in the UK for too bloody long).

3. The Third Man

The Third Man is one of the all time great black & white movies. Everyone who went to film school (what a fuc%ing waste that was!), watched this movie. You have to, it’s like having to watch “The Birth of a Nation”. Is it a Con artist movie? Yes.

4. A Fish Called Wanda

This movie is very funny and has a great cast. I remember thinking Jamie Lee Curtis was hot in this movie when I was young…. How wrong I was? I can be forgiven, I was an easily turned on teenager at the time. Now, I won’t touch Jamie Lee with yours!

5. Catch Me If You Can

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this movie when it came out but recently I watched it again. I also saw a speech he gave addressing some of the things that happened in the movie. The movie seemed to be pretty close to reality. He was a cool guy and the movie is good, I should’ve appreciated it more at the time. A good movie and a great con artist movie.


6. Maverick

I remember seeing this in the cinema when it came out, I really liked it. It wasn’t going to inspire me to make a great website about, “what movie should i watch?” but it was entertaining. Not everything needs to be intellectually stimulating. Hookers, drugs, drinking, masturbation… not at all intellectually stimulating but just good, old fashioned fun. So Maverick is like Hookers! No more questions…

7. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

This movie is the second comedy on our list. To be honest, this movie should be better for the cast it had but it’s not bad. It’s pretty funny and is very much a con artist movie, plus you can watch it more than once.


8. The Good Thief

I really liked this movie the first time I saw it. The music is great, it’s easy to watch and it has a good cast overall. However, I watched it recently and I was disappointed. It’s not very re-watchable, sadly. It is very much a con artist movie and it’s by an Irish director, so watch it.


9. Nine Queens

Two con artists attempt to swindle a stamp collector by selling him a sheet of counterfeit rare stamps. It is a foreign film, so yes, that mean subtitles you ignorant f*ckers.

10. Oceans 11

It’s as impressive a cast as the original but the ending isn’t as good. SPOILER ALERT. In the original they remove the money in a coffin and it gets cremated. The rat pack are the only people at the funneral who are devastated by the “death”. Very good ending. Better than, “they all get loads of money and screw the bad guy over, who also happens to be banging the hero’s girlfriend but he ends up losing her too”. Both are great con artist movies and either could make the list. I went with the new one, mostly due to the bad acting in the first.





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  1. Thank god you included Nueve Reinas – it should have been higher though – One of the best movies I’ve seen

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