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  1. Ok,so i’m talking to the idiot who writes all the movie names and comments,1st,learn how to write you illiterate retard,2nd,find yourself a fucking girlfriend,3rd,learn how to tell the difference between awesome/great/good/not so good/poor/shit movies you noob,and 4th,get a fucking life and stop watching movies every minute of every day.

    1. Ok so i am talking to you the person who has nothing helpful to say, so instead you resort to speaking to others the way. Your daddy talked to you all your life. Grow up and by the way ….that must be some shit hot social life your managing…..cause you came to this site to begin with

  2. if i could find a movie on your lists that is after the 19th century i might use this…..
    i know there are lots of good movies before the 2ks but really, stop with all this cultural bullshit.

  3. FYI Russle Brand isn’t gay he’s a notorious womaniser and was married to Katy perry. And I’m sure if he was gay he would rather you didn’t refer to him being a ‘massive gay lord’

    Wierd website. Not very good reviews. Incorrect facts.

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