Terminator 2

1. Terminator 2

Arguably a much better movie than the original. Why have a human fighting a machine, when you can have a machine fighting a machine? When the truck goes over the bridge at the start, we all know why this movie will be remembered as one of the all-time great action movies. This is why it comes first in our “Top 10 Sequels“.

2. Godfather 2

Okay, it’s no Godfather 1 but it’s an okay substitute. The best bit for me are the flash-backs, as I find that they spend too much time in the f*cking summer house for my liking. I also think it’s too long and that Michael shows far too little compassion compared to his father. There was a sense of mystery about Don Corleone which Michael doesn’t have as we followed his life much closer I guess.

3. Aliens

James Cameron knew he couldn’t make a better movie than Ridley Scott, he’s not even close to comparing to him…. unless it’s an action scene. So he did what he knew best, turned Aliens into an action movie, this way he’s not competing with Alien, a horror movie.

4. Home Alone 2

Basically an exact remake of the first one but in New York. The “Bird lady” is the “Old man neighbour”, the shower scene with, “Keep the change you filthy animal” and drop some paint tins, bricks, etc. on unsuspecting criminal (who are the same as in the first). We don’t mind, do we? No we don’t as it’s a great story, it’s perfect for Christmas and its quicker moving than it’s a wonderful life!

5. Die Hard with a Vengeance

Die Hard 2 is a remake of Die Hard. This is commonly done by movie companies that have a lot to lose when creating a sequel to a very successful movie. However Die Hard with a Vengeance is amazing and different enough to not be seen as a remake!

6. Toy Story 3

We forget that “Toy Story” came out in 1995, that’s a long time ago. In the words of C.S Lewis.
“When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things.” The creators of “Toy Story 3” realised that their audience had grown up, they required catering to an older audience while not alienating the new up and coming youngster. They did it, they really did! I really believed they were destined for the shredder in the final scene, dark undertones! Great movie. What a great Sequel worthy of our top 10.

7. Back to the Future 2

Not as much time spent in the future as I’d have liked. Shoes laces that tie themselves, one jacket-size fits-all and the holy grail of technology….A hover board. We like that it picks up from the last one, we like that it’s similar to the first one and we love Michael J Fox, cause he’s just class!

8. X-men 2

We all know that the start carries this movie immensely. When that mutant fly’s through all the walls in the white house to get to the president we think we are in for one of action movies all-time greats. Unfortunately we’re not, as we find out as the story drags on. I will say this, much better than the first one and has more Wolverine…which is always good!

9. Spiderman 2

Better than one as it’s got more action, better effects and a better bad guy. Dr Octopus start chatting like a comic book at one point when he’s trying to harness the power of the small sun. It’s class, he talks in broken sentences.

10. Halloween 2

Starts where the first one left off, fills us full of terror and has Michael Myre, a killer that has never ran anywhere in his life, yet gets there before anyone else. He knows what you’re going to do before you do it, amazing!

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