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Sexy Movies - Cruel Intenstions - - What Movie Should I Watch

1. Basic Instinct

While sex with Sharon Stone would be risky, putting it lightly, I would still do it for sure. I hope you’re reading this Sharon, as I’d still make filthy love to your wrinkly, wrinkly body! What a hot movie! I wish one night stands were ever like this. Normally, for me anyway, they’re awkward and you spend half the time changing position and seeing what works. F%ck that, in Basic Instinct they have sex like they’ve been doing it for a life time.  This movie makes number one on our top 10 sexy movies because it’s so iconic. I’m not 100% sure on this but it may well be the first time we get a flash of a ladies private parts on the big screen. We salute you, Basic Instints for making No.1 on our sexy movies list!

2. The Story of O

This movie would turn Russell Brand straight! If you’re not sure who Russel Brand is, he’s a gay lord from the naughties. Back to The Story of O. If you haven’t seen this and you have a bit of a sub/dom side to you, watch it, it’s a real turn on. I love the journey of the main character in this movie. Is it verging on porn? Well either way, it deserve to make our sexy movies list!

3. Mulholland Drive

When the two girls fool around on the couch, I actually orgasmed without touching myself…Too much info? Anyway, wow! I’m actually getting a “semi” right now thinking about this amazing scene…. Maybe it should be number 1 on our sexy movies list? David Lynch, you horrible, horrible bastard! How did you possibly bring us this unbelievably hot scene? It’s so interesting that David Lynch has the ability to make such a sexy movie, when make such dark, disturbing films.


4. Bound

You are Bound to have fun watching this sexy movie. I was never good at puns but clearly I’m getting better.  This movie would make any sexy movie list! The lesbian scenes in this movie are second to none, (besides Mullholand Drive).

5. Cruel Intentions

When she does the riding lessons and they kiss, wow. I was 14 when that movie came out. I could have written a thesis on this movie for the amount of time I spent thinking about three or four scenes in it. This movie is in every sexy movies list ever created… after 1999 of course. It captured a generation of turned on teenagers and made them want to go to mixed, upper class schools in america. As much as people claim Dangerous Liaisons was a sexy movie, John Malkovich is in it. He has to be one of the least sexy male leads in the world.

6. Eyes Wide Shut

Not Stanley Kubrick’s best but It’s still hot as f$ck! It’s unusual to get two stars, who were that popular at the time, to be willing to make a movie like this. I think the fact that they were married and Kubrick was the director helped.

7. Sex, Lies, and Videotapes

When he gets girls to chat about there sex lives in front of the camera…What a turn on! I’m not sure what it is about this movie. I mean it’s Steve Soderbergh… He’s hardly a director that is famous for any other sexy movies. It’s also arguably the best movie on our list. So please watch it! Also, if you like this, watch “Crash”, not the new shit one that addresses racism, trust and bullsh*t, watch the one where people get turned on by crashing their cars…. it is f^cked up.

8. Y Tu Mama Tambien

Okay, the scene when the two guys kiss wasn’t my personal favourite but I’m fairly sure there’s a market for that kind of scene too. In any case the rest of the movie is as hot as…. the sun, maybe? What else is hot? Wait, got one! It’s a hot as Pamela Anderson covered in molten hot lava!

9. Barbarella

It has to make the list. It’s not just about showing filthy scenes (like Eyes wide shut for instance), it’s about the overall feel. This movie has that in abundance! She is so hot, I’d dig up her grave and make love to her beautiful corpse! Is she even dead? Well if she isn’t, I can wait!

10.Sex and Lucia

I’ve seen scenes from this movie pop up on Hardcore porn sites. What was I doing on Hardcore Porn sites? I got lost and/or came across it by accident… Honestly. Anyway, on the occasions that I do come across them, I always watch them. One of the all time great sexy movies, I feel bad for only placing it at number 10 on our sexy movies list.

12 thoughts on “Sexy Movies

  1. I really feel like the Russel Brand joke doesn’t work, what with him both being straight and actually having a sex addiction…

  2. You could right a thesis on Cruel Intentions because it’s based on one of the best selling books of all time. And actually Dangerous Liaisons (les liaisons dangereuses) is a better film for the book – read the book it’s sexier.

  3. This is website is verging on homophobic, seriously sort your life out because it’s not amusing and it’s not clever.

  4. who actually still uses the term “Gay Lord”? And what a ridiculous decision to use Russell Brand as your example. Brand is so well known for his sexual exploits with the ladies. Great research man.

    I completely agree with jezebel and think this is a poorly written, homophobic, offensive, self indulgent pile of crap.

  5. So many horrible “jokes” that make the writer sound ignorant and bigoted. Plus, Russell Brand is well-known for getting it on with the ladies. Bad, stupidly homophobic joke, especially for someone who followed that up with admitting to a obsession with lesbians… and the guy who wrote this is supposedly 30? It sounds like it was written by a sticky-handed 13-year-old. Made the subject matter awkward.

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