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What Movie Should I Watch - GroundHog Day Snow Movie

1. Groundhog Day

The ultimate Snow Movie has to be Groundhog Day. It’s interesting how re-watchable this movie is, especially considering its repetitive storyline. This is the number 1 on our top 10 Snow Movies you should watch. It could arguably be our “No. 1 best comedy of all time” and maybe even makes our “top 10 greatest movies of all time”. Certainly it would be our no.1 “Best Bill Murray Movies”.


2. The Shining

One of my favourite all time movies. If anyone says, do you want to watch The Shining? I always say yes, even if I watched it the day before. Also, I still get scared! A perfect movie… disagree? I’ll hunt you down and kill you where I find you!


3. Fargo

Fargo has to be in the top 5 best Cohen Brother movies, f%ck “No Country for Old Men”, its ending lets it down. I love the disposal of the body in the wood chopper, what a unique way of doing it. It is very much a snow movie, as it is almost completely set in the snow.


4. Misery

Loves company and by company, I mean me! One of the all time best horror/thriller movies. This movie gets better the more you watch it, try it out! I’m not a lier, I have actually never lied on this site and I never will!


5. Alive

Perfect movie to watch with a vegetarian, even better with a vegan. Man the f#ck up! It’s meant to taste like pork… How bad could it be?


6. Tocuhing the Void

“Cut the f#ucking rope!” The only mistake that guy made was waiting before cutting the rope! I’d cut the rope, get down the mountain, find a nice warm KFC and order a family bucket with extra gravy.


7. Home Alone
What a brilliant Christmas movie this is! I didn’t want to over populate the list with Christmas movies but this definitely dererves to be on the snow movies list. Voice all complaints in the comments section, which I won’t publish.


8. It’s a Wonderful Life

I always well up when I watch this movie. It is not gay or camp of me, I just get more involved with the movie and suffer from more empathy than the rest of you soulless bastards…. Leave me alone, it’s normal for a man to cry occasionally.


9. A simple Plan

What a great and underrated movie. I never hear anyone say, “I watched ‘A Simple Plan’ last night, what a great movie.” Well I’m saying it now, so go watch it, if you haven’t already. Most of you have probably seen everything else on the list, except this. Don’t be lazy, complete the list.


10. Planes Trains and Automobiles

“You’re going the wrong way!!!”… what a funny, f-ing movie. If you told me, “every time you laugh during this film, I’m going to burn with with a cigarette.” By the end of the movie, I’d still end up looking like a child with chickenpox. It just isn’t possible. It is so funny that I’m going to watch it now, immeidately after writing this review. It would make my top 10 best comedies of all time.


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