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Last of The Mohicans - What Movie Should I Watch

1. The Bodyguard

This is the ultimate movie to watch with your girlfriend. It has the right amount of action and emotional b&llshit for both parties to really enjoy it. The soundtrack, without sounding like a gimp, is excellent…. It got an Oscar. Whitney is a good actress, the movie has a great pace, there is even time for making out without missing anything important! Its got everything. Also, watch out for the scene where Kevin Costner drinks orange juice and watches her sing in his room. That’s creepy dude… seriously? You’re in the most famous singer in the worlds house and you turn her song up really, really loud. From her point of view, it looks like your wanking over her.

2. RoadHouse

This is a great movie to watch with your girlfriend. It has load of action, a great soundtrack and it’s one of the all time greatest sexy movies (despite not making the sexy movies top 10).

3. The Last of the Mohicans

It’s got a great love story, a tragic ending (women like that… I hear) and an attractive man… I think he is anyway. This movie is epic! There is loads of different environments, waterfalls, the woods, the mountains, the tribes, the battle fields and the forts, to name but a few or its many delights.

4. The Princess Bride

Do I need to explain why this movies is on here? Didn’t think so…

5. Heathers

If a girl doesn’t like this movie, she’s not right for you. Quentin Tarantino once said “When I’m getting serious about a girl, I show her Rio Bravo and she better like it.”  Rio Bravo is asking a lot. Also Quentin, beggars can’t be choosers! No woman in her right mind would have sex with you with the lights on. The deep dark depts of Mordor are too bright for a love making session with you, you f#cking troll!


6. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

I don’t need to explain why this is a great movie to watch with your girlfriend, if I did, you wouldn’t have a girlfriend and will more than likely be dying alone anyway.

7. Amelie

It’s French, it’s beautiful and it’s as happy as a pig in sh!t!

8. UP

The start with the old people growing old together….? Truly great cinema.

9. Super 8

Super 8…. You mean Super Date!  

10. Legend of The Fall

I only have this movie up cause my brother loves it and he’s a bit camp. So maybe it’s good to watch with your girlfriend or alternatively, give it to your camp brother. [Editor’s note: I am the brother refered to and it’s a great film, f#ck all of you begruding homophobes!]

29 thoughts on “With Your Girlfriend

  1. I think you could’ve picked better films than these!!!

    What about ‘The Notebook’? Girls LOVE this film. And ‘500 Days of Summer’, ‘Notting Hill’, ‘Titanic’, ‘A Walk to Remember’, ‘Dirty Dancing’, ‘Pretty Woman’…to name but a few…. YOU may hate these films, but she will like you more for watching them with her.

    If I was your girlfriend and you made me watch your top ten girlfriend films, I would break up with you.

    1. No doubt! Roundhouse is annoying and the only reason I watched super 8 was because this guy I went to high school with was in it. I didn’t even finish watching.
      Movies girls love: heathers (you got one right)
      Mean girls
      Most disney pixar films
      Everything charlotte said^

      Actually, movies most girls don’t like: dirty unattractive men fighting, movies with a lot of fights (bar fights, cage fights, street fights), war movies (notice a trend)

    2. I’d rather watch something totally weird and funny with a guy than soapy romantic comedies that some of the comments suggest. Helps to find out whether a guy has a sense of humor or not…

    3. I think you’re missing the point of this list. This is films that guy would WANT to watch with their girlfriends. I don’t want to watch The Notebook or Notting Hill

    4. That is very subjective. These are merely suggestions and I think they are great. If a guy made me watch Notebook, Titanic, Notting Hill or Pretty Woman with him, I wouldn’t see him again!

  2. To the other commenters, I believe your opinion is a little biased. I think all the movies on this website’s list are great date night movies. I would watch all of these on a date, and frankly, if I had a boyfriend who suggested The Princess Bride on a date I’d consider marrying him. Also, keep in mind that the films on this list appeal to both sexes instead of the sappy romantic films you’ve listed that appeal mostly to young and middle-aged women. Who said that a date night movie had to be completely romantic? Every movie on this list is brilliant.

    1. I agree completely. A date night movie should be enjoyable for both people not just the girl. These movies are all great compromises. Maybe not every single movie is for you and your significant other, then don’t watch that movie. There are amazing movies on this list that both my boyfriend and I would be happy watching. That is the important part, both people being happy.

  3. I’m a girl and all these movies are just a poor choice the only acceptable one for say teenagers is up ever other movie I’d probably say to my boyfriends what the fuck is wrong with you

    1. You shouldn’t be watching movies at all. Spend some time reading. Maybe you’ll discover correct grammar and punctuation.

  4. Really? That’s your choice? Charlotte just speaks my mind! I’m with her – I would break up with you if you made me watch these movies you chose. You should’ve consolted a girl befor posting shit like that. Go with Charlotte’s list. That’s so much better.

  5. Wait wait wait,
    nobody complains about the missing of the maybe best love story ever made?
    Star Wars, the prequels!

    Hold it. I meant Casablanca, how did I confuse these movies?

    1. Just to add a slightly different girl point of view, I love old movies, Casablanca, gone with the wind, you name it.

      And i love pretty women and dirty dancing just as much as anyone else..

      BUT if i could find a guy who will watch Star Wars with me (and who knew that Greedo NEVER shot) i would have found my soul mate 🙂

  6. Not all girls are airheads like you Charlotte. Some of us like decent films – The last of the mohicans, Up, Amelie and Super 8 are all critically acclaimed movies. Keep Notting Hill and A Walk to Remember to yourself and stop embarrassing our gender.

  7. I probably would not like many of the movies on this list, though Amelie is definitely something that works for both sexes – one man won me over with this movie 🙂 I probably would not like many of the movies on this list, though Amelie is definitely something that works for both sexes – one man won me over with this movie 🙂

    Girls that posted before: you know, a date is not about a man thinking “Girls that posted before: you know, a date is not about a man thinking “this is such a crap, flick chick” during the whole movie while you dream about how he should be like this or that…. NO, a date is something both should enjoy.

    I would have broken up with a guy who’d make me watch Titanic – he cannot honestly like this movie and he obviously shows a lack of originality (Titanic is not a bad movie… but I personally do not like to watch something so overplayed). I would love a guy to show me one of his favorite movies that he would like to share with me – I am sure there are some that can be watched by both girls and boys… and what is wrong with Star Wars? I love them…

    How about I am Legend, I, Robot, the Shining, Beautiful Mind, the Butterfly Effect, the Man from Earth? Those are some really good movies that can be enjoyed by both 🙂

  8. Woah, Mel. I have an MA in philosophy, and am pursuing a ph.d in philosophy (particularly focusing on epistemology, moral psychology, phenomenology, and ethics), and I love A Walk to Remember, Notting Hill, The Notebook, Titanic, Dirty Dancing, etc. And I am most certainly NOT an air head. Further, the only man who would watch my ‘guilty pleasure’ movies with me (without judging me based on the fact that sometimes, I like watching mindless movies because it’s nice not to have to think for an hour or two of my day) is the only man I’ve agreed to marry.
    So I suggest that you watch that holier than thou attitude — critically acclaimed movies may be clever and witty and all, but sometimes a nice gushy I-don’t-have-to-think movie is absolutely in order (and definitely enjoyable!).
    Charlotte, darling, you have not put our gender to shame for simply having an opinion and a preference. 🙂

  9. Personally, I’ve seen all Coen brother films on dates and that was awesome. I think especially Burn after Reading fits for a date, as no awkward sex scenes come along and there’s enough to laugh about.

    I’d rather watch less romantic movies on dates because sex scenes with your potential boyfriend are a big no go…
    ahmagawd. So awkward.

    My suggestions:
    – Les choristes
    – Les intouchables
    – All Coen Brother films (especially Burn after Reading or Fargo)
    – Das leben der anderen

    Three foreign films you might not know of, they’re great and well known here in Europe. Try them out some time i’d say :)!

  10. Great list. I’d only take out Super 8 and sub in Wet Hot American Summer. If your girlfriend doesn’t like that movie, it’s time to move on.

  11. Describing the kinds of films girls are interested in as ’emotional bullsh&t’, along with the frankly really creepy blurbs to some of the sexy movies (I don’t want to hear how lesbians get you off) basically proves what a massive sexist you are.

  12. …and NO BODY even talks about how heteronormative this list is.

    But i’m here cause lists are fun. it would, however, be a refreshing change to see non stereotypical views of what women and men like and are like.

    And although a bit sexist as rose said, this list does try..And, personally, if i’d read sappy romance movie names i would have just clicked the close button.

    @Amber : It’s okay to like romantic movies, not all women who like them are airheads but there should not be a pressure to like them just cause you are a girl, and the world should not assume you will like them if you are a girl, thAT is the problem.

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